API output modes

The XCTU (and direct AT commands) allow for the AO command to have only the following values for its parameter: 0,1,3,7,B . I would like to set bit 4 (Echo supportet ZDO requests to the serial port) - but I get an error for any value of 10 or greater. Need clarification.

What firmware version are you working with? An AO of 0x10 would enable bit 4 which should do what you want.

The device is XB24C with Firmware Ver. 4061.
Set as a Coordinator (CE=1 ; ZS=2 ; EE=1 ; EO=2).

As reported, the problem is that the ATAO10 AT command return ERROR (actually only the mentioned
parameters 0,1,3,7,B return OK.

What may be the reason for this behavior ?


The S2C does not support that feature. That is why you can’t enable that function.