Supporting ATAO =7 and 0x0b on xbee S2C

I have Xbee ZB S2C with latest FW (4059 ?). XCTU offers for AO also values 7 and 0x0b, however they do not work. I found from some release info that those values are meant for FW 5xxxx. When is it possible to have all ZDO messages passed through so that I can handle binding and grouping myself. I have written a gateway between bread and butter xbee and 3rd-party devices with HA-profiles.

Firmware version 4055 and above support HA and the binding functions you are looking for. . That is you don’t need to support binding in your code. It only needs to be enabled and configured on XBee ZB SMT module.

I know, I have it in use right now, however AFAIR the binding table is only 16 slots and I wonder if that is enough in my network. Secondly, the group-handling is sort of “muddy” as xbee handles ZDO and groups happen in ZCL or higher and needs to be synched to xbee. This part is quite vaquely written in documentation and I am not sure if I got it right. All in all, it would nice to handle this (binding & groups) in one stack (mine)

May I suggest double checking your OTA packet to make sure it is valid? I ask as I know that Digi has tested this code with 3rd party devices and found it to work as expected.