Hi everyone…

I am using the XBP24-ZB modem type. I am trying to implement the group addressing capability in the zigbee network. So i send the Bind_req command(cluster ID: 0x0021). But the status being returned is by Bind_rsp(cluster ID: 0x8021) is NOT_SUPPORTED (value: 0x84), which says that “the requested feature is not supported on the target device”.

I was also going through some previous firmware versions, XBee Series2 OEM RF Modules(, which supported group addressing and binding, but the documentation for XBee-Pro ZB RF modules doesnot mentioned any such features.

Can anyone help me out by suggesting the firmware that would support the group addressing capability and also would be compatible on the zigbee module m using.

I also need a clear clarification to this question very much.

I am also looking for binding support in XBP24-ZB. Any updates? This is important for zigbee HA applications.