Binding error between XPB24-ZB and CC2530


I am trying to communicate each other between CC2530 and XBP24-ZB. I had already ported SerialApp sample program of Z-stack-2.5.0 into my private CC2530 board. When I set my private boards as coordinator, router and end device, the coordinator and end devices can send and receive data via UART.

I set XBP24-ZB as a coordinator with firware version 20A7, and CC2530 as end device or router.
SC: 0x0001

When I executed my end device, I made the device print debugging messages like:

IEEE: 00124B0001C9949C Assoc CnfSuccessEndDevice: 8A3E Parent: 0 Bind_rsp Binding failed.

I can see XBP24-ZB and CC2530 have established their association. But when CC2530 tries to send “End device binding request” message, the return message is binding failed. The return value from XBEE is 0x84. The value might mean “Not support”.

Please help me how to solve it.

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