How can I get ZDO Bind_req Cluster 0x0021 to be passed through to UART side of XBee?

We are developing a solution based on the Digi Xbee ZB Pro XBP24BZ7 running Firmware version 23A7 based on Function Set “ZigBee Router API”

We have the XBee’s AO setting to 3 “Explicit with ZDO passthru” and all ZDO clusters have been passed through to our CPU just fine until we tried sending a Bind_req Cluster 0x0021 to our XBee. The XBee responds with ZDO cluster 0x8021 and an error message of not supported. Nothing is sent out the UART to our CPU it seems like the XBee is not passing the Bind request through.

Is this a bug? We need to have the bind request passed through to our application!! How can I make this work?


The EM250 inside the through hole version does not support binding nor will it pass through the command. The surface mount version using the em357 does support binding. Two ten pin headers could be soldered to the sides of surface mount device to retro fit it to through hole.

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