S3B Legacy Packet Mode: Datasheet says "Set A0=2" but XCTU doesn't support this option


I am transitioning a legacy system using Series 1 xbees in API mode to 900 Mhz series 3b xbees. Specifically, I am using a XBP9B-DMST-002 rev H.

I am trying to make this module drop-in compatible with my software. It seems that there is sufficient legacy support for the modules to achieve this goal.

I am successfully sending messages using the legacy API TX Request Frame (0x00). Messages are being received on the other end, but the packet comes in as a Recieve Packet Frame (0x90).

I want to receive messages as The Legacy RX Indicator Frame (0x80), which is identical to the series 1 API.

There is a line on page 130 of the datasheet: “When a device in Legacy Packet Mode (AO = 2) receives an RF data packet, it sends this frame out the
serial interface.”

In XCTU, AO can only be set to 0 or 1. Is the legacy packet (0x80) supported, and if so, can I use XCTU to set AO = 2 or do I have to do it in my own code?

Thank you!