Series 3 Legacy API Frame AO not available

Hi there,

I have an XBee Pro Series 3 B (XBP9B-DPWT). I need to use this as a drop in replacement for some older Series 2 modules. I looked at the migration guide, and to my understanding, if AO (API options) is set to 2, then it will transmit the legacy API frame format.

However, in XCTU, I only see two options for AO - either a 0 or a 1.

I also have an XBee Pro Series 3 B (XBP9B-DM), and the same for AO happens on there - it’s only 0 or 1 available and no option for 2.

I need these to be drop in replacements for older Series 2 modules. The rest of the settings are configured okay, and transmission seems to work. However, because the code is for legacy API frames (for series 2), then it incorrectly parses the series 3 frames.

For what it’s worth, the microcontroller library I’m using is xbee-arduino, and the microcontroller is a Teensy 3.6 (it can use the Arduino IDE).

Does anyone have any ideas on what to try?

-Erin K