Reliable Connection

I have been developing a normal peer to peer network but the XBEE’s have been intermittenly not connecting. Sometimes at start-up they connect immediately while other times it take 15-20 minutes. I currently am running 2 in end-point mode (router does the same thing) with full channel masks. Any Thoughts?

Its difficult to say anything without looking at configuration parameters.

Which firmware is running on these modules? Have you enabled any of the Sleep Mode?

Unlike Zigbee, both firmware options of 900HP do not perform association at start of network.

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DP-1071 and no sleep

and they are mostly the default outside of the
channel mask (FFFFFFFF8000000000)

So to answer my own question I double checked my circuit I was using and it was dipping the voltage below 2.9V on transmit which made it drop the packets. Threw a cap across VCC and GND and it works perfectly.

Thanks for the help

Glad that you got the issue resolved.