Transparent ConnectPort X2 to XBee-Pro 900HP(S3B) Bridge

I am using the ConnectPort X2 and XBee-Pro 900HP to replace existing products in a legacy application. I need a very basic point to point bridge with raw TCP into the ConnectPort X2 and raw serial data out of the XBee-Pro 900HP. There are 3 bridge pairs all operating in very close proximity (inches of separation for the base stations.)

Everything is working well, except when I cycle power to the ConnectPort X2s. Over the course of a couple days, I have lost network connectivity to one (don’t know if it is a boot or nic issue), I had to replace an internal radio that would not form a bi-directional link, and I had to pull another radio and reprogram it externally to make it work again. When the ConnectPort X2s do work properly, one pair may take a minute to form a connection, while another could be 3 minutes. When I cycle power to the remote, standalone, XBEE-Pro900HP, it only takes a few seconds to connect to the base. All issues seem to stem from the ConnectPort X2.

Is there a firmware for the connectPort that is completely stripped down to just what would be needed for Raw TCP and RealPort? I am using realport to program the XBEE radio inside XCTU. Anyone have tips for settings in the XCTU that may help in this situation?

have you installed Real port so that you are using three different ports (COM ports)?

you do need to have more than a few inches between the antennas. Having them that close can actually damage the radio. At minimum, they should be at least 3 to 5 ft apart from each other.

Which version of the X2 are you working with? Have you checked to see if you are on the current version of firmware for it?

Thank-you for responding to a very vague question.

With Realport, I only use that for programing so I switch back and forth using the same port.

For the antennas, I think the closest ones are about 7" apart. Can you provide more info as to the damaging effects that can have on the radios? At the moment, the only concession I have made is to synchronize the tx/rx so only one pair is used at a time.

All of the X2s are running

After a day of plugging/unplugging the connectport x2s. I’m not much closer to finding a solution, but I do have a better question. When the connectport starts up, is there a handshake between the internal radio and the mcu that can go astray? Is there a wireless acquisition process that occurs when the radios are turned on that could go hay-wire?

Twice now, I have had a unit refuse to make a wireless connection after waiting around 15mins. In both instances, I popped out the radio from the connectport. Connected to it directly over the serial port with XCTU, read its memory, searched for radios connected to it, and then plugged it back into the connectport with no changes and it started right up.