Reliable Transmission and 1 hop Broadcasting

For reliable point-to-point data transmission, I have searched over the official document, and didn’t find any solution yet about the reliable point-to-point data transmission. The only AT command that I know related is the retrying times, which cannot be directly seen as TCP. Is there a way to achieve this via some configures or I need to manually implement something like TCP?

For the 1 hop broadcasting, I figured out that BH and NH can both do the job in the document, but when configuring the sending machine as BH=1, the broadcast still goes multi-hop in our experiment. NH is a configure that needs to change every node’s value, and I believe it should not be the solution to use NH in this situation. Is there a way to use BH or any configures to make 1 hop broadcasting?

The module currently I purchased is XBee PRO 900HP (

The 900 HP is a Serial radio. TCP is an Ethernet protocol. If you want to see any of the status messages then you need to use API mode. Otherwise in transparent mode it is just that. Transparent. Data in = data out. If you want to use a software retry and ACK system, then either you need to develop one or use an existing Serial based protocol such as Modbus.