Xbee pro s1 multihop problem

hi, i have 3 xbee pro s1 (XBP24-ASI-001 revE) with firmware XBee Digimesh 2.4 (firm ver 8070) and I’m trying to deploy a mesh network, i have problem with multihop communication… all work only if the xbee are in the range of gateway.I can’t understand if there is a problem of configuration or only my modules can’t implement digimesh… someone can help me??

what is your BH and NH values? Must be greater than 1. they must be the same across the network as well.

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Thx for reply, NH is 7 for all xbee, BH is equal to 0, but in manual say : “Set the value to 0 for maximum hops” . I have to change BH??