Remote updates

What product do you have? You can download updates from Digi’s website under github.

DC 9

DC 10

Apologies, Campbell. I intended to frame a question regarding whether possible to remote update program on a Rabbit SBC via Internet or WiFi. I was trying to see if this had been addressed when I accidentally created an (incomplete) question.

I thought I had seen this capability somewhere on the web.


Dynamic C 10 includes a Remote Program Update library for doing remote updates on some of the Rabbit 4000 and all of the Rabbit 6000 products.

For SBCs, all of the BL4S1xx models and the BL4S200 work with that library. Those SBCs have Ethernet interfaces, so you would need a wireless gateway for Wi-Fi access.

Take a look at Samples/RemoteProgramUpdate from a Dynamic C 10 installation, or on the Dynamic C 10 GitHub repository at

Many thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.