Remove unneeded modules from linking

Hi, I would like to remove some of modules from linking to final image file. For example libftpsvr, libssh, libemail etc. They are not indicated (*) as required, but when I remove them from project and click apply and ok, next time they appear again. How to remove them, or disable automatic “adding” them to project?

Is there a reason you need to remove them? If you are not using APIs from a library, there is no code included in your footprint. Thus I do not believe there is any harm in leaving libs listed that you are not using.

I don’t think so, for example I do not use emails and ftp in my project but in object dump of final elf image I can see functions:

  • PrPop3ClientFiniteStateMachine
  • PrStartPop3
  • naftp_data_connections
  • naftp_start_timer
    My question is how to remove it. I am working now on minimalisation of project file size.