Replacement PCI cards

We are currently using DigiAcceleport C/X16 PCI serial adapters (70001175), supporting acceleport C/X 16 portI/O con Rans (76000147). We would like to continues to use the 16 port Rans, but our new servers do support PCI, we need a PCIe solution for the new servers.

Unfortunately, Digi does not manufacture the AccelePort C/X in a PCIe model. The only PCIe card that Digi manufactures is the Digi Neo card:

It comes in both 4 and 8 port models. If you need 16 port devices, you may want to consider looking at the PortServer TS product line for you application.

There are no AccelePort C/X host adapters which are PCIe.
We have a Digi Neo PCIe adapter available in 4 or 8 port versions. You may wish to check with IBM to see what they recommend. It may be time to move to an ethernet connected serial port solution such as the PortServer TS 16 or the ConnectPort TS 16.