Reset XBee UART Settings

I am using XBee Pro which is driven by a microcontroller. My Question is How can I Reset to XBee Uart settings to a knowing state on power on. So the micro controller can set desired baud rate and other setting with AT commands.


Is the RE command what you’re looking for? You’d want to follow it with a WR command to make the change permanent.


by default, the bootloader of the xbee runs at 9600 baud. I don’t remember how to break into it during bootup however. But XCTU can do this. you might want to fire that up and watch the serial lines to see how XCTU does it.

Suppose, I have a XBee module that have a unknown UART settings (baud? bit count? parity? stop bit?).
When I plug the XBee module in to my card It must be start a default UART settings. So I can communicate and use the AT commands…


If you hold the DI line low on power up, you will force the radio into command mode at the default baud rate of 9600, with 8 data bits and no parity with one stop bit.

Thanks a lot Mvut.

Is there any design reference or code sample for reliable connection with a host uC?

Nope. Not that I am aware of.

That (holding the DI line low on power up) is an interesting one that I’d never seen. Do you know where it’s documented? I obviously haven’t been reading in all the right places…