Reseting wake ON time

Hello there,
I am having the following problem with sleeping/ waking Xbee:

  1. I set SM to normal mode (0)
  2. I set the sleep time to 10 s (SP) and wake time to 5 s (ST)
  3. I set SM to sync sleep ( 8 ). The device now counts 5 s and goes to sleep for 10 s
  4. When the device wake up, I have 5 seconds to do something, so I set SM to 0 again, so it wont go to sleep anymore.
  5. I set SM to 8 again and here is the problem. The device should wait 5 seconds and go to sleep for 10 seconds. Instead, the device goes to sleep for 10 seconds as soon as I set the SM to 8, without the 5 seconds delay.

What could be the case of this behavior? Do I understand sleep system incorrectly? I would appreciate all help.

No, it is going to sleep in the time that the rest of the network is going to cycle to sleep. Not 5 seconds after you set it.

And if the other modules are in nornal mode (no sleep), why does it sleep?

The sleep support message is still sent out from your sleep support coordinator.