REST server for xbee-gateway?

tl;dr – is there a REST server on the xbee-gateway to let a TCP/IP client do monitor/manage zigbee devices?

there is a node.js package called “homebridge” that integrates third-party devices to apple’s homekit. i would very much like to provide a mechanism for folks to integrate their zigbee devices into that environment. this could be done in many ways, of course.

the easiest way is to tell someone “go here and buy this product” add it to your network, and then install “this npm package” and it will just work. i’ve written a fair amount of software in javascript, c, etc. over the last 30 years, so i can put together the npm package, depending on the complexity of the gateway.

i have spent a fair amount of time looking at various USB dongles that do zigbee (ti, exegin) and some “gateways”. i’m thinking that telling folks to get an “xbee gateway” and have them install some software may be the easiest.

any thoughts on this matter?

That is not something that Digi would have any information on. But it sounds like what you are thinking of (XBee gateway and add code) could work if they are using the correct Zigbee protocol and the proper commands were set on the XBee module.

There is no rest endpoint on the XBee Gateway to manage zigbee devices but you could write some Python that would run on the XBee Gateway and expose a rest API for managing/monitoring devices.