RFU on Win7

I am changing PCs from a WinXP to Win7 64-bit. I installed DC 9.25
and the RFU that comes with it works fine. I installed DC 10.66 but
the RFU that comes with it fails to download. I have it configured the
same as it was on my WinXP PC.

Programming is done over an RS-232 port, not USB and there is no
USB-to-Serial converter invovled. I can communicate with the unit
over the serial port, I just can’t program.


Hello, which Rabbit module are you using?

You need to select Dynamic C version, based on your module. Dynamic C 9.xx works for Rabbit 2000,3000 processors and Dynamic C 10.xx works for Rabbit 4000,5000 and 6000 processors.