Routing Table Limit

Can you advise the maximum limitation for dynamic routing tables on WR41/WR44/WR31 Digi transport? More specifically - OSPF and static routing.

There is a limitation in the number of routes that can be passed in the updates over OSPF i dont remember the Number but it is in the hundreds.

if you are passing that many you should summaries the routes to reduce the number.



Does the Digi operating system support OSPF/Stub as an alternative?

I think you will find the OSPF implementation is quite restricted and if i remember correctly it does not support STUB networks. if you are only intrested in pushing down the default router for GRE you could just setup default route pointing to the GRE tunnel and make sure there is static route to the IP address to the headend of the GRE and if GRE keep alives are enabled then the Default route would be down while GRE is DOWN

hope this helps