Routing updates over GRE tunnel using OSPF

I have a WR44 connected over cellular to a Cisco 2811 router. I’ve created a GRE tunnel and configured OSPF for advertising routes between the two devices. I have network configured on Eth0-3, all in the same hub group.

I see OSPF routes on the WR44 coming from the Cisco 2811 but no routes on the Cisco 2811 coming from the WR44. If I add a ‘redistribute connected’ command to the WR44’s ospf.conf file, I then see routes for the GRE tunnel, PPP network and Eth0-3 networks on the 2811. I would like to choose which routes get advertised instead of “all” or “nothing”. I checked Digi Quick Note #8 which does not mention a solution.

OpenBSD documentation shows a ‘redistribute prefix [set …]’ command which looks encouraging but I can’t figure out the proper syntax or if it will even work on the WR44.

Any thoughts on how to selectively advertise OSPF routes from my WR44?


Hi Jeff,
The redistribute prefix syntax is not supported on TransPort routers.

To include Ethernet networks in the advertisements, you need to specify these in the OSPF file as passive interfaces so they don’t actively send OSPF messages and updates. For example, to include the Eth 0 network:

global configuration



area {
interface eth0 {
interface tun0 {
hello-interval 10