rs-485 Adapter

hi, I’m working with a power meter, and I’m trying to connect a xbee network.
first, I’m trying to comunicate with the serial adapter using hyperterminal and a 232-485 conversor.
I use a gateway connect port X4 using ethernet, and the 485 serial adapter connect to RS-232 conversor and the conversor to pc port. I’m developing the driver.
I want to see the data using hyperterminal.

Any Idea?


Sebastian Nieto

Setting the X4 ‘serial profile’ to TCP sockets will allow telnet to the X4 TCP port 2001, or raw sockets to TCP port 2101.

Just be aware that if the power meter for example wants Modbus/RTU, then you will never be able to type fast enough in Hyperterminal to prevent it from throwing your data away.