Running NeoPixel on XBee3 with MicroPython


Is it possible to run NeoPixel from MicroPython? I was not able to find any compatible drivers (there were some who relied on SPI which the XBee3 doesn’t seem to support).

No, the SPI port is not accessible from the Micro Python interface.

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If we chain multiple NeoPixel together we are able run this with MicroPython. We can use MicroPython to control NeoPixela.
Python classes in solaput

In my opinion it should be very easy to port the esp8266 NeoPixel driver ( and to XBee 3, because there is no need for SPI, but only GPIO.

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Is it possible to compile C code to be used with XBee MicroPython?
I tried following “Native machine code in .mpy file” guide: I managed to compile a C module, but whenever I try to import it on the XBee, I get a “incompatible .mpy file” error.
Have you tried running a C module in XBee MicroPython?