Runtime Array Index /Bounds Error but line number is wrong

I am using DC9.5 and hit a ‘runtime array index out of bounds’ error but the reported line number was totally wrong (hundreds of lines out) . Eventually I found the error and fixed it. After, just as a test I introduced another deliberate runtime array bounds error and again the line number indicated is very wrong. If I move the line around in my code the reported error line changes but not by the same amount. What could be wrong here, could I have another lurking error that has corrupted the debugger somehow ? Not knowing where the error is resulted in a lot of time spent tracking it down which I would like to avoid happening again if possible.

I beleive that is a typical problem with most debuggers, that is when you have a nasty pointer bug. The stack gets corrupted and is pointing out into space somewhere. I have seen issues like that with debuggers on linux development machines too.

But hey what do I know I’m a hardware guy.