S2C PRO DigiMesh RSPMA - same distance/noise and RSSI different


Here is the situation :

  • All nodes [XB1] [XB2] [XB3] are S2C PRO DigiMesh with RSPMA + 2.4 Ghz antenna
  • [XB1] and [XB2] are both 4 meters away from [XB3] (line of sight, no obstacles)
  • [XB1] is right next to [XB2] (10 cm meter)
  • all antennas are well screwed + all nodes have the same TW Power Level (PL)

Here is the problem :

  • RSSI between [XB1] and [XB3] are not the same (-12dBm less) than RSSI between [XB2] and [XB3].

  • I was expected to get “same” RSSI for both links

Beacuse both are exactly at the same distance from [XB3], and both share same noise/environment !

Does anyone have an explaination about this (strange) behavior ?

Many thanks,

Best regards,

Its called interference from XB1 to XB2.