S2C Pro - Power Saving

Hi All,

I am building a handheld unit to interact with 4 to 6 remote stations.
Currently using an Arduino Nano and Xbee S2C pro with 802.15.4 firmware - all is working but battery consumption will be too high. In recent searches I was able to see “sleep mode” options but I am not clear on how this can work. I also read that the “coordinator” can never sleep, currently my handheld unit is the coordinator, it broadcasts the “button is pushed message” to all the remote stations and they in turn respond to the handheld unit - so it currently does not sleep.

Any pointers on how to change this setup would be appreciated. I am new to Xbee and so far just using basic serial ( UART ? ) communication between handheld and stations.
Not sure I would know how to configure API communication. My handheld unit is basically 2 buttons to activate 2 relays on the remote stations. Each station send a code back to the handheld unit so that it knows each remote got the message.