S6B (0x2026) Ping ('P','G') AT Command problem

Wifi module(S6B firmware 0x2026) is connected to network. IP address is assigned from dhcp. I’m trying AT command PG to ping computer1 in the same network and I get AT command response “reply0001”. Firewall is disabled on computer1 and it can be pinged from other PC. 32 bit parameter of the PG command is
0xc0a87dfe - this is “”. I’m getting “reply0001” even if computer is switched off. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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What is the exact command or hex API frame you are giving?

What firmware version are you working with on the XBee WIFI?

Firmware 0x2026

API frame PG - this does not work
7E 00 08 08 01 50 47 C0 A8 7D FE 7C

This below works because I use dotted decimal
notation of IP address
7E 00 13 08 01 50 47 31 39 32 2E 31 36 38 2E 31 32 35 2E 32 35 34 67

In User guide PG command parameter range says:
Valid IPv4 address in dotted decimal
notation either dotted decimal
notation or binary format.

I was thinking that C0 A8 7D FE is a correct binary format of IP address?

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