SDRAM mirrored

Hello!I have the problem, that the used SDRAM (samsung K4S563233F with 2M x 32Bit x 4 banks) is mirrored. I have the same data on the start address 0x0 and the same data on the address 0x1000000. I have defined the start command in the file ns9xxx.cmd with 0x84300 and the settings in the file init_settings.h are: #define CS_MEM_TYPE MEM_TYPE_x16 #define CS_MEM_SIZE MEM_SIZE_64Mb #define CS_WIDTH MEM_WIDTH_32 #define CS_POWERLEVEL MEM_POWER_LEVEL_NORMAL #define FIRSTSECTORRAM 0x00022000 #define SECONDSECTORRAM 0x10022000 #define THIRDSECTORRAM 0x20022000 #define FOURTHSECTORRAM 0x30022000 I use the debug mode. What is the mistake or what have i forgotten to set? Please help me but it’s urgent! Thanks a lot! Robert