SDRAM timing using NS7520B-1-C36

I’d like to use the 36MHz variant of the NS7520 together with a Micron MT48LC4M32B2TG SDRAM. Is that possible? To give some details: The clock is generated by a 18.432MHz crystal. PLL is active and preset via bootstrap option as described in the manual. So the internal SYS_CLK should be about 36MHz. The BCLK signal is used as SDRAM-clock. Is BCLK equal to SYS_CLK as shown in figure 4 of the manual or is BCLK=1/4*SYS_CLK as described in chapter 5 ? Do i have to modify the setting of BSPEED in this case ?

yes - that will get you 4MX32 refer to erratum and data sheets posted on NS site NOT HWM