send data without MCU.

I want my Xbee 802.15.4 do something like active RFID.
So how can I set the xbee to send its ID to other xbee without external MCU?


Hello cornetlin,

Could you be more specific in your question? You want that the device automatically announces itself when joining a network? If Commissioning pushbutton is pressed once, the XBee sends automatically a frame with its SH, SL, NI and other parameters. Also, I think NO has an option for doing it when it joins. Is that what you are asking?

My works is simple.
I have several xbees, single hop application.
Basically, all xbees need a arduino board.
If only one xbee with a arduino serve a base station
to receive the signal from all other xbess without arduino board,then I can reduce the cost.

So does xbee can send signal without any external MCU like arduino?

The answer is “Yes”, but in some cases. As I said, XBee modules can be configured to send a “Node Announcement” when they join a network, also if Commissioning button is pressed once, it sends a Node Announcement.

It can be configured also to send input samples periodically to the coordinator. Also, the coordinator can send a broadcast message and check which nodes answer.

Thank you spastor:
Do you have any example how to do that?
Use X-CTU?