Send HTTP GET/POST request using xbee pro series 2

Hello everyone,

I am new to xbee world and trying to figure out If I would be able to perform HTTP get or post request using xbee pro series 2(available in my country).

I have researched and found I can program xbee using micropython. In the micropython user guide I have found that I can perform http get reqeust. My concern is would I be able to do the request for only xbee@wifi or any kind of xbee product?

In my project I need to send data to my website. I am collecting those data through arduino. I googled and found example, xbee can send data to cloud but not any specific website. Please suggest me, if I want to do this task what xbee product could I choose? Recommend me any alternative if needed? I am trying to use this in industrial environment.

I am trying to use xbee because I need long range wifi connection.

Thank you

You are right in thinking this only applies to devices that have an internet connection, which currently is the XBee Cellular line of products.