Need workaround for Xbee to connect via URL not IP address


Is there any way that Xbee connects to remote nodes via URL not IP address? In other words, we want the PG command work with instead of IP address?

The firmware is 2024 and we are working in Transparent Mode.


I am afraid that there isn’t an option to do this.

Thanks mvut, another question then. We have a server that responds to HTTP requests (POST and GET). We want to configure Xbee such that when we send these requests via Xbee, it will work just fine.

From X-CTU is there any way we can send HTTP requests to remote servers (via IP Address as you suggested)?

Yes posts and Gets are now supported. That is to say, they will be past out he UART to your application.

If you know the IP address and port number, you can set that using the DL, DE and CO commands.