Sending the python output of ConnectportX4 / XBeeS2 to my desktop application ?

Hi all,

I have a hardware setup of ConnectportX4 gateway and a XbeeS2 router mounted on XBIB-U-Dev Rev3 interface board connected to my desktop PC and a UDP connection has been established.

I have tried running the python script “” on connectportX4 gateway , and found the result which shows the “extended address and received bytes” of the ConnectportX4 gateway .

When i click the switch-1 on XBIB-U-DEV board, i found the extended address of XBeeS2 and the reveived bytes Through this, i came to know that, XbeeS2 intimates that switch-1 was pressed on Xbib-u-dev board. So i connected my external sensor to the ADO/DIO pin-20 of XbeeS2 which was mapped to Switch-1 of XBIB-U-DEV board. When the sensor activated, i could see the XBeeS2 extended address and received bytes on the output of my python script .

But i cannot send this output to my desktop application though the UDP connection established.

Please let me know the python command to send this python output to my application. python Code downloaded from the below link :