Serial Ethernet encapsulator (Realport) with WR44 and GE VersaMax

I tried to get communication with a GE VersaMax on serial port using ethernet encapsulator (RealPort) with a Digi WR44 modem.
The modem setup works well with other plc types(AllenBradley, Omron, Mitsubishi.), but I can’t get it to function with the GE VersaMax?
I have tried a standard setup (19200, 8bit Odd ) and then different others ( 9600, 8 & 7bits…)
With port 1 on DB9 with strait cable pinout ( also try null-modem):
Digi Modem/ VersaMax
Pin 2-RX 2-TX
Pin 3-TX 3-RX
Pin 5-Gnd 5-Gnd
Pin 7-RTS 7-CTS
Pin 8-CTS 8-RTS

I use Proficy Machine Edition to do the test.
When I go online, I see that the port1 led turns on for about a second then turns off.
Then a Connect Error Message is displayed: Requested comm port could not be opened .

I am not familiar with the SNP protocol for GE. Is it possible that is a compatibility issue?

Does anybody have done this with GE product?

Please contact Digi Technical Support for this issue.

I am trying out the same here and facing the same problem. Maybe the Proficy Machine edition software only uses the COM port to communicate with the PLC. Did you try accessing the PLC tags using any OPC softwares like I.G.S or KEPServer?