Serial to websocket

I sincerely find it very annoying to have this routed to a device could it does make it very useful for programming i am working on a serial to web socket utility app to have a custom data routing to a web server. What inn the world would device cloud serve really?
Who cares about having an interface to see data if you cant have a program read and respond to data?
I find it intrusive and limiting. I would never use it like that rather go deeper and create my own signal generator at that point then using this service and if I cannot get it to work in that way we will abandon the project I cant understand how you can actually need rf uart transmission of data if not to process it programmatically from a remote server. I don’t get it?
Thanks a lot for responding I will publish source code for my util once it is done very soon please let me know if anything exists that you know of.

if you get sha1 to work on net+os please let me know!