Series 2 change detect not working

I want to set up change detect on my series 2 xbees but cannot get it to work.

I have followed these instructions:

Both radios are talking to each other but I cannot find the Tn command in XCTU. Would not setting this stop it from working altogether? Where would I find this parameter in XCTU?

I have set the detecting xbee (Zigbee Router AT) to IR50 and IC18 and have a button on DIO3 (D3=3)

The receiving Xbee (Zigbee Coordinator API) is set to D3 = 4 to which I have attached a LED

When using the XCTU terminal I can see that the button press on the remote xbee is having an effect on the xbee hooked up to my computer. However, when I put the receiving xbee back in the circuit the button press has no effect.

Any ideas?

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

The instructions you mention are for Series 1 radios (802.15.4)

See the product manual here You will see the T0-T7 parameter described there.

Thanks trooper2. I’ve now managed to get the right manual. It turns out I was originally reading from a third manual… but anyway, I now have the correct instructions and they are very easy on paper. I get the impression all I need to do is set the IC bitmask on the sending xbee, which I have already done.

Again, using XCTU I can see sample data is being received when the state of the sending xbee changes, and again when the state changes back to normal.

I have changed the Coordinator around to be at both ends and have also tried setting the IC bitmask the same on both xbees, although I’m pretty certain this is just for the sending xbee. I’ve also tried setting the receiving xbee to have it’s output pin as high and low (it does give voltage when high, so that is working fine)

I’ve used a multimeter to measure the voltage on the receiving pin and it doesn’t move. So, I can only deduce that the sample is being sent and is also being received. However, this is not converting into a voltage change on the output pin. Is there something very silly I am missing…?

I’ve just found another tutorial online but I assume this is also series 1. It mentions having to tell the receiving xbee to expect something by setting Input Address (IA). It’s like my series 2 is missing a ‘series 2 version’ of this command…

For anyone having trouble with this, a line I overlooked in the manual tells me this isn’t possible. This seems to be the only place this is mentioned so if you you do overlook this line you will be stuck as many sources I’ve read point to it being possible.

Anyway, enough of the excuses. As with other Series 2 API procedures Change Detect spits out hex numbers so you have to use a microprocessor i.e. Arduino to turn the hex communication into a meaningful output.

I’m no expert (obviously!) but I guess the architecture of the Series 2 means it has to be this way. This is such a shame as this function would be so powerful with mesh networking.