Settting up OpenVPN

I am trying to setup an OpenVPN client on a Digi TransPort WR11. I am following the instructions at [1].


  1. Page 15 lists three files to be transferred to the router. How do I transfer the files to the router?

  2. Page 15 says that a ca.crt should be transferred to the router. But it does not show how to “load” that file. How to I “load” ca.crt after transferring it to the router?

  3. Page 25 says to log into the CLI and type ‘sslcli 0 certfile “client1.crt”’. How do I know that this command succeeds? The command reports “OK” even if I type complete nonsense e.g.

ss420502>sslcli 0 certfile “asdf.crt” verify asdfa asdfaslkdfas;ldkf as;dlkfj

  1. How does the OpenVPN client on the Digi TransPort know to which key and cert to use?

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I don’t know the answers to all of your questions at this time, but as far as transferring the files to the WR11, try using an FTP client such as FileZilla Client, to connect to either the Ethernet IP address of the WR11 or the Mobile IP address (if possible). I could be wrong but I think just uploading the files to the root folder is all that’s needed.


you can also load the files through the
X.509 Certificate Management

under CA there is an option to upload files also under

IPsec/SSH/HTTPS Certificates