/update return code 259 ???

I am repackaging applications & dependencies for a roll-out. Among those apps, there is an old installer installing the Digi as a dependency for the comminucation with the device.
OS : W2K

When manually running the various phases of the install / setup the following command :
…\DigiportServerTS4\Driver\ /update
the command returns the code 259.
I have no idea what that code means …

I might miss some DLL or … exe’s but the package was supposed to work long ago :slight_smile:

We have not seen this error. I would assume that something changed on the Win2K box a service pack or something. I would get the latest driver from the web and try it.

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I might have expressed myself incorrectly…
We ship the content of the Driver folder in my “install”.
Updating the svn-repository with the latest files returned no files changed (but the readme.txt :slight_smile: ).

If I try to execute the setup.exe instead
–> error code is 26

Is there a place where I can found information about the error codes … ?
I “grepped” the CD : no luck !


ps : Same if I do a diff or calculate the MD5 (between the files we shipped and the files from the latest Driver for W2K.
The only difference is the fact that we shipped also :
If I remove it –> same error

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