Should it reconnect when next powered on?

I’ve been experimenting with the XBEE wifi modules, having used the zigbee ones before. With the latest firmware (and all the ones I’ve tried) I can connect to my network from the X-CTU program (using the Active Scan): all well and good. I can save the Network SSID and password, however, if I reset / re-power the XBEE it loses it’s connection and I have to repeat the process. I would have expected the XBEE to use its saved settings and automatically re-connect to the network without my intervention. Am I missing something here? Is it supposed to re-connect or do you always need something to command the process of association?

I have to say that I’m struggling to see the use of these modules. The support, documentation and examples is monumentally poor. The applications engineers at Digi don’t seem to trawl these forums to answer questions and they are struggling to form any sort of community around these WiFi modules. There are are a lot of other choices for WiFi modules around and unless Digi up their game here, they won’t be enjoying the great success they had with the Zigbee modules (IMHO)