Show multi-webpages on CPX

I know that we just can show a single page on CPX by Web presentation module. e.g.

Create a web presentation instance. When running on a PC this will

start a new web-server on a default port

When running on a Digi device this presentation will “extend” the

web-server built in to the Digi device with a new page named

“idigi_dia.html”. See the file src/presentations/web/ form more


  • name: web0
    driver: presentations.web.web:Web
    page: test.html
    title: “Test 123”

If I want to access more than one webpage (e.g. test.html -> read.html -> write.html), how can I modify the code or do we have any other choice?


Unless you understand Javascript (I think that’s what it is), you’ll find the pretty tough to understand.

So make sure you look over the digiweb module first. It lets you link in as many simple pages as you wish.