I am trying to send SMTP Email from Rabbit 3000 microcontroller code.
Our email server support smtp port 25 and 26.

Now, if I send SMTP email from Rabbit, setting port 26 then, it is sending email successfully i.e. “smtp_status() returns status as SMTP_SUCCESS” and receiving successfully on my email address.
If I set SMTP Port 25 in Rabbit code then, smtp_status() returns status as SMTP_SUCCESS but I don’t receive any email at my address.

It is confirmed that Port 25 is not blocked on my PC because my “Mozilla Thunderbird” is set at port 25 and it is sending email successfully.

Is there any thing required to consider in Rabbit Code for this?

Thanks in Advance.

Although I can’t comment on the rabbit, a network trace might provide some additional clues:

see if the rabbit is even sending the SMTP request to the mail server.