sna tool


im new to zigbee and have a small drop in network, 1 coordinator board xbee/pro and about 10 extender nodes, i have about 40 end devices. all using xbee radio chips. im looking for a network visualization tool. im currently using xctu utility to see devices but i need a good sensor network analyzer and visualization tool to show all of the devices and how they are connected, network paths, etc. i use xctu to configure devices but if the same tool can configure devices that would be a plus. i know daintree sna is no longer available, is there something similar directly from digi? im open to any suggestions, just need good network visibility to see that all end points are inter-connected. i have remote internet connectivity to the network through a wifi connection on the pc with the coordinator board.

xbee wall routers / zb pro us (part number: (1p) xr-z14-cw1p1)
i attached a pic of the coordinator board.