Sniffing 802.15.4 Packets

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Has anyone here tried sniffing ZB or 802.15.4 packets over the air? Do hope you can insert your findings here. I’ve read Texas Instrument do have it’s on tools to sniff their own radio modules. Ember has too, not sure whether it can sniff XBee radio modules though. (since S2 and S2C is running on Ember’s Radio Chip) Can you share your experience here if you have done it (Hardware and Software Tools)?

Gained this curiosity after watching the video here

Yes, you can sniff ZB and Znet firmware with the Ember dev kit. In order to sniff 802.15.4 firmware digi modules you would need the freescale development kit.

Guy name Richie Sethi told me this on a private message.


Just to let you know that I’ve been able to use a TI packet sniffer to analyse packets from Ember (EM260) and XBee (Series 2/EM250) modules.
USB-ZB dongle for sniffing from TI, click here

It ships with its own basic software, but appears also to be compabile with Daintree Sensor Network Analyser, which offers a better GUI.

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I’ve yet to try it though… and the T.I. is a cheaper solution (USD 50) than Ember’s dev. kit (Euro 1k) :slight_smile: