snmpd and pass-persist


Has anybody experience recompiling the snmpd daemon in the Digi EL toolchain, enabling the pass-persist option (–with-mib-modules “ucd-snmp-extensible ucd-snmp-pass ucd-snmp-pass_persist”)?

We did this but unfortunately when requiring an OID within the pass-persist subtree, our external program receives the PING, replies a PONG and then nothing…

Our target is a Digi Me 9210.

Thank you.

I’m having a similar issue… did you manage to find a way to rebuild the snmpd daemon?



basically, there are two options to use individually compiled tools and libraries in your project:

  • Make the setup (e.g. ‘make menuconfig’) completely independent from your project and just add the relevant files using (/configs/ in yout rootfs-project)
  • The “Digi-way”: You can (re-) configure and compile a component of the toolchain and then integrate it in the template for any further rootfs (using ‘make install-del’).

There are two KB articles describing both ways:

I’m currently using a DigiEL-5.2-environment with many manually compiled components and can give further information about cross-compiling and

F. Kerkhoff


try with this (obviously change the other options to what you need):

–with-mib-modules="“ucd-snmp-extensible ucd-snmp-pass ucd-snmp-pass_persist”

(the last five are options enabled in the original daemon of the digi module)