SNTP running only with DHCP


I have a no connectivity to sntp server with module static IP address.
Result is NO Primmary server
of course gateway IP is correct

but if module is in DHCP mode, connectivity working good.



I haven’t worked much this this product, but if you’re referring to the SNTP server by name, then you should make sure you are configuring a valid DNS server as well. This would be done in DHCP mode automatically but might be missed with a static network configuration.


Thank You Chris,

its true, problem with DNS,
when I connect SNTP with IP address only, SNTP working on module static IP also.

Customer dont accept my recommendation" please use DHCP" and setup router to assign IP by module MAC address


If the customer is using a static IP address then he may have to set up static SNTP server addresses. One way to do this is in file appconf.h. Look for the macros for APP_SNTP_PRIMARY and APP_SNTP_SECONDARY. These would need to be defined as needed by the the customer and then rebuild the application. Also there is a macro in the BSP and another in appconf.h that must also be defined TRUE for SNTP to be enabled.