***SOLVED - Digi one SP - Realport Win10 x64 - Com Port Open/Aquire failure

SOLVED Apparently you cannot have more than one client with the port open at same time? once other client closed serial port my new client on Win10 worked just fine.***

Cannot open serial port with application on Windows 10. I can get the com port to open if I select “Always grant port open requests” but then it just says cannot acquire… I am using latest driver for Win10 and I can connect to the Digione SP via TCP/IP. The device manager does show the com port is “connected”. I also tried using a serial terminal and does same thing… can get to open port but stuck on acquiring. Also this DigiOne SP works from different PC running Win7 with issues so I don’t think it is a DigiOne SP issue unless I need to update the firmware. This is located at a remote site so I dont want to risk putting it offline… just trying to set up a new PC with Win10 to replace old PC. Any ideas?

That is correct, this product only supports one connection at a time

I actually found under advanced serial port settings an option for “Allow multiple systems to simultaneously connect” and the ability to set the number of connections and control type. This allowed me to have two separate PC’s establish connections simultaneously and share the serial port. It worked for me but obviously can have bad results depending on how you use the serial port. I think it is helpful when you have a remote PC with a hung connection keeping the port open but no data you can establish another connection from a backup. I am sure there are other ways to force close the connection as well if no data is present but its nice to k now you can share the connection if you wanted.