[solved] problem with debug

I tried to debug the bootloader from gettingstarted.
firmware is successfully download to mcu.
in the terminal instead of the welcome menu appears strange bytes.
trying to debug a program, but I can not understand why it’s so weird talking to serial.

before debug it’s work fine.

module: XBP24BZ7PITB
bdm: usbdm v4.5 (JS16)
ide: eclipse CW MCU v10.1
serial: ftdi232rl, 9600 baud

I think this work not normal

if (UART_HOST == uart){      
      hostByte = SCI1D;
      SCI1D = hostByte;//echo back character

in terminal mcu send ‘F0’, ‘F7’ or ‘FC’ character.

help me please!

P.S. is there anyone from the xUSSR?

problem was in MCU speed trim frequency = 31.25kHz