Some Problems, searching solutions

I would like to build to things with the Digiconnect Wi-EM. But i don’t know if it is possible and what’s required to build this. Maybe someone can help me here.
First i would like to build a webserver on the chip. And i would like to browse to a HTML page (with CGI scripting? maybe?) to adjust my serial output of the Digiconnect. I would like to send serial commands from the HTML page on the webserver in the Digiconnect. What is required to build this? With software and is it enough if I buy a DigiConnect Wi-EM board? Or do i need an integration kit? I will build my periperal boards myself.
Second, is it possible to build up a connection that is stable between two Digiconnect Wi-EM boards, and send serial data over? I need the full serial speed.
So i could use one of the two serial connections to configure the two devices (IP adress, the IP adress of the recieving devices, …) and the other serial connection to send data over. Is this possible and what do I need to build this? Are two digiconnect Wi-EM boards enough?

Maybe anyone can provide me with an example solution (or something with looks like it) so I can study this?