Some Suggestions

I’m an happy long term user of Rabbit Module and I’ve developed several Rabbit based board.

I’ve some suggestions:

  • Rabbit processor is targeted also for low power application but in your module (RCM36xx, RCM37xx etc) you continue to use LM1117 regulator that isn’t low power, low dropout and hasn’t low quiescent current. Please change this regulator
  • You continuosly change the module header, pinout and form factor. For better use and easy migration from one module to other please use the some header (better 0.1 inch), pinout and form factor.
  • Use always the ADS7871 on your ADC capable module that is the enhanced version of ADS7870 (some pinout and SW compatible).
  • Improve your Dynamic C development tool in order to have a standard C based development tool with linking options and standard library.

I think you’ve to speed up your HW and SW improvements because now you have a strong competitor ARM Cortex M3.