Source Look-up in ESP

I’m running NET+OS 7.4.2, build 03132009, un-updated (update process is bricked for me…). ESP is 1.4.0.

When debugging and trying to load source from ESP, more often than not, I get the following when I click on the stack trace.

How am I supposed to set a breakpoint?

If you’re going through a proxy, make sure to setup your proxy settings under Package Manager -> Package Manager Preferences -> Update Manger preferences.

Otherwise you could try adding the -clean option to the Digi ESP shortcut to get it to re-install the Package Manager Plugin and see if that helps.

As to the source problem, you don’t always have access to the code, so sometimes you’re just out of luck if it’s buried in a binary library that’s distributed without the source code. However, in the case you show, you can click on the Edit source lookup path and point it to netos74/gnusrc/syscalls.c as it’s part of the C library.