SP One - missing data

I send commands as 2 bytes of ascii via the ethernet to, and receive responses as 7 bytes of ascii codes via ethernet from, a Digi One SP, which is connected by RS232 to a temperature monitor. It appears that the Digi is not JUST passing data through but interpreting the bytes of data. Code equal to 17 (ctrl+P ?) is dropped as a byte from the stream. Running the monitoring device directly on a com port works fine. Is there a setting on the digi to stop this happening?

The answer to this may be how you have your Digi configured, but since config files are pretty long you’ll probably want to contact Digi Technical Support via phone or online support request to get this looked at and resolved.

Digi’s Online E-Service Web Portal:

Software flow control was on.

Thanks for updating the forum with your findings :slight_smile: